Hello world!

Well here I am, this has been a long time coming. To blog or not to blog. You’d never imagine it would be quite so hard to figure out. I feel like I have spent my life pondering that question of whether to share or not. Be it in a group, amongst friends or in therapy. Yep, therapy. Been in and out since I was a kid. You’d think someone who has had their head so thoroughly shrunk could make a simple decision like deciding to blog. Nope, not me. But, here I am, so clearly the decision was a go.

When faced with the daily grind that is living with bipolar, I thought maybe an extra outlet might be good. Heck, maybe it will be “therapeutic”. Guess only time will tell. My goal here is to share my journey, good, bad and indifferent. I will share my past as I step tentatively into the future. Maybe along the way I’ll find an audience. If not, I don’t mind. This is more for me right now, than anyone else. Though if my experiences can help even a single soul, it has made this worthwhile. Nobody should have to suffer with Bipolar or Depression alone. You are never alone.

A short bit about me (I’ll also post this to the About page, but figured I’d save some people a mouse click- you know how tedious those become in this era of links -I’m a 38 year old female living with Bipolar. I have had a plethora of various labels along the way. Think I have changed as the DSM did, lovely, I know. But currently it is Bipolar. And yes, it has been a heck of a ride. In the past 20 years I have been in and out of hospitals, tried almost every psych drug known to man, and had ECT two years back. (please excuse me if I repeat myself). That being said, I continue in treatment. I live on a farm surrounded by the creatures that I love. On occasion I will share a picture, and stories about them.

I have learned much along the way, about myself, my family and why I sometimes behave the way I do. I hope that my experiences can help others that are walking this same bumpy road. I am forever grateful to my guides Virgil and Beatrice, that have brought me so far, and have saved my life on numerous occasions. I hope you stop in on occasion and find this interesting, I welcome comments.


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