Sessions and Headaches

I have found a strange correlation between sessions and headaches. It seems, for me at least, that having an especially intense session triggers a headache. No, there isn’t anything physically wrong with my brain, because that has been checked. I wonder how much it has to do with the explorations of emotions, thoughts and behaviors. It isn’t every session, just some. Today, I found myself sitting there hoping I could hold my head up for the last 15 minutes. This particular session dealt mostly with the dichotomy in my relationship. I didn’t feel overwhelmed, or numb. Just present, and contemplating the issue. I think some sessions I do protect myself and zone out. I set myself adrift and detach from the time, and place. Those sessions are not usually followed by any pain. Those sessions are followed by numbness, and an overall blankness to my life. I think there must be some happy medium in the middle. I haven’t found that place, or at least not very often, and surely not on purpose.



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