Fight Club

Yeah today at the farm was like something out of the movie fight club. Our potbelly pig tends to be quite obnoxious with the dogs and we have to be careful when they are all together. The pig will nip and actually go after the dogs. The dogs being dogs tend to react and go after him. Can’t tell you how many puncture wounds the pig has gotten from his antics. Today was a bad one. The pig started the fight, but our two male dogs finished it. They went at it, and I mean went at it. This has been a long time coming. Our oldest dog is starting to slow down and the younger male has begun to challenge him for dominance of the pack. This has happened before. Normally leading to a vet visit. So, today I set about learning how to separate two fighting dogs.You’d think I’d know this given my father is a vet. But alas, it was something I didn’t know how to do, but knew better than to grab their collars. That is the fastest way to get seriously bitten. So, here’s a safer way to get it done.

You need two people. Each needs to carefully approach each fighting dog from the back. At the same time quickly grab the dog’s hind limbs hard and lift up- think wheelbarrow. Immediately back up and start to go in a circle. The dog will have to focus on keeping his balance, and is less likely to be able to turn around and bite. Do NOT let go of either dog until they are safely leashed or preferably behind a solid barrier. IF you let go, the dogs will continue to fight. Visit for more info on dog aggression

All is quiet again here at the farm. Aside from an eye injury and some superficial wounds the dogs and pig are fine. I on the other hand need a drink.


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