Evening again

It was a long day. I started out quite boundless in my energy. A trip to the gym and 4 miles later I was still feeling energetic. Everything seemed to be moving so quickly. I barely felt like I got started running when an hour had passed. It seemed a bit too bright, and bit too much of everything. I felt myself getting overwhelmed. Once I was back at the farm, without the traffic, and the music and all the people my senses settled down. It became a bit more bearable. Towards 6 o’clock, as we were wrapping up in the barn I felt myself shift again. I tried to figure out why the change, it was so very good all day. I kept getting distracted, but it finally dawned on me that I really hadn’t eaten much in the past day or so. My body just couldn’t keep pace, between the gym and the riding. I have to make more of an effort to keep track of what I am eating. It was fine when I was depressed and barely moving. This is a whole different thing. I’m not as worried as I was this morning about the mood escalating, it seems to have leveled off. I am just trying to adjust to not feeling so awful.


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