Gym day

Well tomorrow will be one week on the Provigil. I am very encouraged by the shift in mood. The past day has leveled out, and I am no longer fearful of mania arriving. When I first started the drug, I did a quick search to see if there was anything interesting about it. What I learned quickly, is that it is a drug that can be misused, and is widely used off label. That was quite apparent when the insurance company said no. One of the more curious uses was as a performance enhancer. It is banned from use in the olympics and most pro athletic leagues. Even Barry Bonds used it in his cocktail to better his performance. At the time I read it, I didn’t think much of it. Considering it is a stimulant. Over the past week I have been dutiful in going to the gym. It is normally good for my mood, and helps with any anger and irritability. Usually it is a drag. I have to force myself to push and put in a decent work out. It is easy to just dog it and call it a day. I’m fairly fit, so dogging it for me, is running a couple of miles. In the past week, I have done more in my workouts than I have ever. Aside from pushing it to perform as a college athlete. But even then, it was not the same as this. I find myself completely detached from my body. When there is normally a good burn, now there is none. I know by where my heart rate is, that I should be calling it quits. But there I was just trucking along. I decided to test it a bit today, and swapped from my normal running to the elliptical. I have to be honest, I hate the damn things, but they give me a better workout, than just running. So off I went, and went and went. I got to the hour mark, of doing interval work, and I think I could have probably done another hour. That is unheard of. I am in awe of this. I know I need to back off, I have done a lot of miles this week. Part of me wants to see just how hard I can go, but I doubt that would be a good idea. Think tomorrow will be a light day at the gym.


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