Sleepless in______

Well it is almost midnight, and sleep just isn’t arriving tonight. Of course my brain needs something to do with itself, so I am contemplating the so-called “god particle” the Higgs boson. Yeah, I know deep shit to think about in the middle of the night. I think it is probably remnants from a rather existential dinner conversation with family I had earlier. For whatever reason my aunt talked about her preoccupation with death these days. From there we moved into the typical life after death topic. I wasn’t surprised by her very clear cut- you die, everything ends and you rot in the ground. Yikes. Nice conversation over dinner. But I don’t feel that way, and this is where the physics enters my mind. I tend to believe that though we may stop breathing, and our heart stops beating our mass, and energy don’t just disappear. They are still there, somewhere in this vast universe. I don’t necessarily buy the whole reincarnation thing, that is hard to really wrap my head around. But I think in the absence of knowledge there is possibility. It has not been proven that life ends when we die, therefore I feel comfortable in believing there is something. I was quite surprised when my uncle agreed. I never thought he would, being both a doctor and a devote jew. I figured he’s be right in the same boat as my aunt. But he surprised me. I think I will go right on believing that we do indeed go on, in the form of matter. That we continue to exist in some form out there in the universe. Our energy may change form and create new life. That may well be the root of reincarnation. But, it is late and my brain would rather consider Higgs bosons and supersymmetry than life after death. Well here’s to faith that we are so much more than the space we take up and the air we breath. I can only hope we are so much more to this universe than just that.


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