“The root [of mindfulness] is experiencing the itch as well as the urge to scratch, and then not acting it out.”
Pema Chödrön


As I sit here contemplating my day, I realize how it was far from mindful. I went about my tasks and existed in this time and place, but did not experience it. I’m not sure where my head was at. I realize that something must be bothering me, as I usually am more in touch with everything than I was today. For me it may take a couple of days to figure out what the disconnect is about, but eventually I will figure it out. There was a point in my life where a day like today would worry me. I’d think, maybe a shift in mood, or that something was the matter. These days I know that some days I am just not as present, that I need the space and room to get away. There is no need to panic or worry, just observe it and see what the next day brings. Normally I will come back into a place of mindfulness and move on. If I find myself still disconnected in a week, then I know it may be a problem. But for now, I just observe it, and make note of how this day was. Tomorrow is a new day. Another day to focus my mind, and again find the wonder and the magic of this place.


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