Somehow the domestic genes in my family didn’t make it down to me. When it comes to my barn and the horses, you could eat of the floor, literally. My house, nope, the CDC might find fun things to swab for in some of the corners. I wonder why I didn’t get my mother’s vacuum twice a day cleaning ethic, or my grandma’s dust free habit. Nope, I am nothing like either. Never got that habit. I’m not sure why not.

I normally let it go to a point and then can’t stand it anymore. I then clean everything and the house looks terrific. I think to myself, this is awesome. I need to keep the house like this. But it never stays. Much more of the fuck it type of approach. Maybe with age I’ll change. Doubt I’ll ever be like my mom, who we jokingly refer to as Martha Stewart. You know you are supposed to vacuum backwards out a room, so as not to leave foot prints, right? yeah, thought so.


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