I’ve found the past few months of writing to be quite helpful. I like the daily task of putting thoughts into words. It has really shifted how I explore what is going on in my head. I loved the above quote, since I often think about what I want and don’t want to write about. Some things just feel so close to home, and far too easy to cast people in a negative light. But at the end of the day, it was their actions. It was their behaviors. If I chose to share my life, for all its twists and turns, both good and bad, it is my prerogative. I don’t have to write everything “warmly”. It wasn’t all warm and fuzzy. I am finding a way to make peace with that. Writing may be the tool I need. I think I am at a place in my life that it is okay to explore it, write it, and own it.

I think eventually I will find a way to write about it all, and that it will really help me come to terms with everything. I choose to do it here, in an anonymous blog, for now. I don’t wish to harm. Enough harm was done. Here is not the place, and now is not the time for that.



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