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As I sit here talking to my partner about this senseless tragedy, we both can’t get over the fact that there is no system in place to flag multiple gun purchases. But you can’t walk into a pharmacy and buy claritin D more than once a month. Really? What is wrong with this system. So we maybe decrease the ability to people to cook meth, but a person can buy multiple guns at will. I know a lot of people who own guns, who love guns and who collect them. None I know have ever bought a gun a month or more! They are expensive, nevermind it just isn’t how people who collect buy guns. Most people I know may average 1 to 2 a year! That is a far cry from two a month. Not to get too much into a 1984 type world, but seriously, a computer system that does background checks should be able to flag multiple purchases.

I know the reality of it is he would have got the guns somehow, even if illegally. But, I do think some safeguards should be in place. Do I think assault rifles should be banned? no. For the most part a long rifle is difficult to conceal,  they are not the guns that cause so much violence on city streets. That honor belongs to the handgun. Assault rifles, the AR-15 and her sisters are a dependable, easy to use firearms. In most states they are regulated, and here where I live you cannot possess a large capacity magazine. Nor can you have a collapsible stock, or a flash suppressor. That is not the case in all states. Some are very relaxed about their gun laws, and regulations regarding ARs. Would I like to be able to shoot 40 rounds? probably would be fun in target shooting, but not necessary. All I care about is I still have the constitutional right to own one. My government is not telling me I cannot own it. If someone comes thru my door unwelcome, I don’t need a 40 round clip to make my point. Those are my thoughts regarding guns and gun ownership. I know many people who disagree, and I know a great many that are on the flip side as card toting NRA supporters. Regardless of where you stand, there is a glitch in the system when someone can buy that many guns and not have some alert go up.



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