long day

What a long day. Started with a violent thunderstorm barreling thru at a bit before 7AM and it ended with a very wild storm. We were lucky, and only got a ton of lightning and wind. It is amazing watching mother nature unleash her power. So I had some bad luck at the gym and will be laid up for a bit. It is frustrating as hell. I don’t have time to be hobbling around. The whole “put up your foot and stay off it for a couple days” doesn’t much work here. Glad it isn’t broken, so I can go ahead and limp around. It’ll heal eventually. On the flea front, the little fuckers are still here, though few in number. So, we need another round of chemicals. I’m going to rip my hair out. yeah, I’ll be the bald limping chick. I can’t even write tonight I’m so frustrated. Maybe tomorrow will be better….


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