well we have commenced the vacuum everyday routine to try and rid our house of the fucking fleas. I have to note, I hate domestic chores of any sort. Cleaning the barn, no problem. House work….not so much. I think it is a reaction to living all those years in my mother’s home. She keeps a house so orderly, I often asked if Home and Garden were coming for a photo shoot- I shit you not! She will vacuum herself out of a room, so not to leave footprints. And to vacuum in such a manner that there are few is any lines left in the carpet. Why??? Why would anyone need to behave like this? So needless to say, I am not an orderly person. Sad really. I’d like to be anal and keep a pristine home, but who has time?? If I were to start cleaning each day when I walked in the door from the barn, I’d be cleaning overnight. For years I have said I need four in help- yes, 4. One would not do. Most people think I am saying “foreign help”, nope, I need a couple. Maybe one day it will happen…

So needless to say, I am so frustrated. I’m hobbling around vacuuming this big old farmhouse. It is a rambling old house, with lots of wood floors. Plenty of gaps for the little fuckers to hide out and reproduce. So each day we need to vacuum it from top to bottom. That takes a good couple hours. Time I don’t have. What a mess. This is the only was to get rid of them completely.

I think I need to find some new coping skills. Are there any dealing with fleas coping skills? I just need a break, even a brief one. I’m exhausted physically and mentally right now.


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