Well tried to get out of my head a bit today, and returned to the news and Olympics. Seems the latest out of Colorado is that the shooter was being treated by a psychiatrist. One who has been disciplined in the past, both for conduct and also indiscriminate prescribing of meds. Thought it was pretty damn hard for them to actually get disciplined, since it is normally their word against a psych patient’s. I’d hate to be her as these next few months unfold, and the courts get more documents. She may become a Public Enemy right next to the shooter. If she knew he was coming apart and did not report the threat. What an awful position to be in. It may well be the end of her career.

The Olympics are a bit weird this year, since they are not showing them live. Primetime coverage is all taped, and most of it (unless you never look at your computer or phone) is old news. It isn’t much fun watching when you know the outcome. I don’t remember much of Beijing, except that opening ceremony, but I don’t think we knew the results before we watched. Just odd, that’s all. I have been catching some of the daytime coverage, and that is actually live. The equestrian venues are amazing. I can’t help but think about our friend Courtney. 4 years ago she was competing at the Olympics. She was at the very top of her sport. Unfortunately her horse had a positive drug test. In the years that followed, she would lose that horse to colic and be in a freak accident. It left her in a coma, and with a TBI which she still struggles to recover from. She attempted to make the ParaOlympics this year, but did not have a suitable horse. She fought so hard to try to make it. This past week she underwent surgery to have a Baclofen pump inserted to help control spasms in her one side. She has come so far, but she cannot walk without a cane, and her speech is still difficult to understand. It is remarkable how far she has come. Most would have given up long ago. Not Court. She is stubborn as an ox. Always was. She is an inspiration to many, myself included. I can only hope she continues to recover and will someday make the Olympics again, even if it isn’t as an able bodied athlete.


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