Free Speech

I was reading a Huffington Post article this morning. It discussed what happens to North Korean athletes after the Olympics. According to this account those that lose may be expelled from their sport and will be sent to labor camps as punishment for poor performance. Those that do well are rewarded. It is a scary thought. A country controlling its citizens completely. In the midst of the Chik-Fil-et mess, I have found myself again on a different side of the argument as my partner. I do not like their viewpoint, and do not like hate, especially open like that. But I do value free speech. Where do you draw the line? I would far prefer to see people voice their opinion, even hateful and mean, than to not have the ability to do it at all. I don’t think a “kiss in” in front of all the Chikfilets is the best response. There is a way to make a point, I don’t think making everyone uncomfortable is the prudent plan. I think flying under the radar is better. I guess I understand the response. I was once young and a bit wild. That would have been fine with me. I would have happily headed to the closest chain and made out. Things have changed so much. I’m a little more settled. I don’t see the solutions the same as I once did. When I think about what we can do here, and all the possibilities, it makes a country like North Korea seem so foreign. I couldn’t imagine living in a country where the state controlled so much. A wrong action or word would lead to imprisonment or death. It is horrifying. So, even though I do not like the hate filled actions of Westboro Baptist church, or the christian values anti gay Chik-filet, I do not want to ever see a time when that isn’t possible.

I think with time our society will change and gay rights will become less of a battle. We are so far from where we started. It will be okay, and we won’t need to force our lifestyle on people who find it uncomfortable.


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