Old Dog

It has been a rough day. Our oldest dog, who is 14 this year has been struggling. He is having an adverse reaction to a flea medication prescribed by our vet. I feel terrible, because we were at our wits end with the damn fleas. I know there was no way to know the medication would affect him like this. He was really lethargic and out of sorts yesterday. Today he can’t hardly get around the ataxia is so severe. Amazingly he did eat dinner tonight. There is nothing we can do beyond give him fluids and monitor him. Either he is going to survive or he won’t. We aren’t in a position to refer him to a specialty hospital for overnight care. We will care for him here as best we can. Hopefully the fluids will help, and he can round a bend here tonight. The drug company assured me that side effects don’t usually continue past 48hrs. But of course they aren’t going to say this happens and it is a reaction seen in dogs being treated with Ivemectin based heartworm meds. Had we known that before we would not have given him the drug. It is so frustrating. I know it is really out of our hands now, but I can’t help being sad and worried.

We can’t seem to get out of this vicious circle of stress. Haven’t been able to get a break. Well, here’s to hoping tomorrow is brighter and our old boxer is still with us.


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