Provigil Crash

On the whole I really like the Provigil. It has helped with the energy level and keeping me more engaged in my day. I am glad we made the decision to try it. Though I have notice from the first week or so that there is a significant crash in the afternoon. When we adjusted the times I took it that improved. This week when I went up 50mg in the AM the crash is just insane. It is like being deflated. Just exhausted and unable to even comprehend moving. Though if I go and lay down, it doesn’t help. I can’t really sleep, just doze off for a moment or two and then back awake. My brain is awake, but my bosy is done. It is a very strange state to be in. So, while I love the medication, I would like to figure out a way to tweak it. Did a bit more reading about people’s experiences with it, and it seems to be fairly common to crash. Well. none of them are perfect. They all have some side effect or another. Some bad, some worse. It is a never-ending dance taking all these medications. It doesn’t bother me like it once did. Sure, there are side effects that I consider intolerable, like significant weight gain, or being an idiot cause your brain doesn’t work. It has been a long winding road. I have learned so much, about me and my body and about just how weird drug reactions can be. I don’t ever take any of them lightly, since they all have such potential. It took a long time to accept the fact that I do need them. I can’t imagine a day without them. I don’t have that temptation to just stop, like I once did. It would scare the heck out of me to do that now. The stakes are too high. It isn’t worth the risk. Sure, I’d love to not have to take anything. I’d like to not poison my body with all this crap, for the sake of sanity. There is no telling what the long-term effects are. But, it is a moot point if I’m not alive to see that. so, I continue my compliance and take my meds. Adjusting to the new routine is difficult. I have become so programmed to take my meds in the am and at night, so a midday med throws that routine out the window. It is all part of this life. There are days when I am off by an hour or two and that makes me nuts. I like to keep everything in order. It will take some more getting used to, especially as we continue to tweak the timing of the doses.

So I guess it will take a bit more work to get it adjusted right.


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