I try to remember back to what it was like to be 14. Where I was and what my world was like. It was a tumultuous time, transitioning from living with my father to go to my mom’s. I was caught up in the politics of small town school life. As an outsider, and unwelcome. 14 was not a good year. On so many levels. So when I stop today and think of this lost soul. I think of how good I had it. I was riding horses, and being a teenager. Mouthing off to my parents and being nasty. Never once thinking about anyone but myself. I didn’t have a clue. My heart aches for her family. She was taken way too soon, under the worst of circumstances. For a child to be robbed of so much, so quickly. To adapt to a life restricted, difficult and powerless. She was a very special young lady. Godspeed Liv….


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