Tough Mudder…3..2..1..go


Well hopefully at this time tomorrow I will be sound asleep dreaming of the epic fun I had. I am quite excited and nervous to face this course. It is so far outside anything I have ever done. Sure, we all do crazy shit growing up. But this is like crazy organized shit. Coupling the longer distance and insane obstacles it seems like it will be a good test of fitness and stamina. But even more so a test of mental strength. How often in your life are you faced with a couple 100 ft of dangling wires, some charged with as much as 10,000v. There is no way to the finish but through this insane obstacle. Most people tried to crawl under the wires, so they added hay bales and mud. Since we have used these same chargers to keep animals contained, I know all too well what a good zap they can deliver. Should be interesting, especially when standing in water. Can’t wait for that one. These are the types of obstacles TM is known for. They don’t just run you 12+ miles. They test you. Whether it is heights, with the 30′ platform you jump off of at the NJ event (most guys say it is the highest platform they have, since WTM is held there in Nov- 24hr extreme tough mudder race for the top 5% of finishers worldwide), or the fear of close spaces, with boa constrictor or trench warfare. Each obstacle is made to test you. In so many ways. Each person I have spoken to that has done a Mudder really talks about how wonderful the experience is. It isn’t a race- it is a challenge. You are expected, and take an oath to help all the others out there with you. It is common to see teams carrying strangers over the finish. Wounded vets run every year to raise money for Wounded Warrior. It is hard to feel sorry for yourself crawling thru the mud when the guy next to you is doing it without a leg….That is what TM is about.

I can’t wait for tomorrow. Promise, pics and description when I get back.


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