Long day

Still recovering from my weekend fun. I can’t believe tomorrow is one week. Wow. Today was a get back to reality day. We said goodbye to a tough old horse. He was suffering and it was a decision to let him go rather than continue on. He would have continued on. He did not know about quitting. He had lived much of his life in pain. We had offered him a chance. Despite our best efforts, he was not a horse we could save. So amid the storm prep and chores, we ended his life. I never would have thought it would become just another task. Like sweeping the aisle, or throwing hay down. When did it get to this? As I watched him die, my mind wandered to everything else I needed to get done. I could not even give him my complete attention as his eyes glazed over. I have become so removed from this life, and these animals. He left this world as I sat with him planning the next couple days. Hope he didn’t sense my preoccupation.

So it was another day. Just like so many before it. We received some conflicting info about the foreclosure. It is so hard to get a sense of what will happen over the coming months. Where all this will end up. It is so difficult to maintain a positive outlook.


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