Here comes Sandy

What are the odds that we would be prepping for another hurricane just 14 months after Irene. I can tell you Irene was no fun. We spent a week without power. We mastered the art of living rough. Though we have a generator it is just a small portable model. We hook it up and move it whenever we need to power something on the farm. We also learned an important lesson from Irene. We are in a low spot and both main roads into the farm flood to the point where they are closed. After Irene it took more than a week to open again. Nothing like being trapped on your own property. All the other routes out are small roads with trees. Each of them were closed due to down lines and trees. We also learned how long it takes the power company to repair lines. so the thought of another long stretch without power is a miserable thought.
The whole day was spent shuffling around horses, filling water and picking up anything that might blow around. Seems like such a simple project. When you take into consideration the amount of property, barns, buildings, animals and stuff, it means a long couple days. As the day went on the wind started to kick up, the weather shifted. This, along with all the change in routine, had all the horses wound up. There was much leaping and bucking and running around. Even the calm older fellas were carrying on. My enormous draft horse managed to pin me between her and a structural post in the barn. Thankfully it was at the end of the day. I’m just so happy it wasn’t before Tough Mudder. I was so careful in the weeks leading up to that. Guess I was just a bit preoccupied and didn’t get out-of-the-way quick enough. More horse related bruises to add to the collection. Have one very sore arm, but nothing seems broken, so all is good. I’m pretty lucky considering how freakin big she is.

I haven’t had much time to consider my mood over the past couple days. It has been so busy and caught up with storm prep. I find my head wandering a bit and starting to worry, but quickly something comes up and I have to abandon that train of thought. Seem to be finally kicking this swamp bug from NJ. Hope it leaves with Sandy.

Hopefully everyone over here in the Northeast weathers this storm. It is projected to be epic. May be a bit before I get back on to blog. If I have power and am stuck in the house I may try to blog a bit tomorrow. I have a couple of entries I have been meaning to write but have not had time.


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