follow up- CT

I published the blog entry earlier, and in hindsight it may be the very worst of posts for today, or all days. There are no words to express the horror of what went on in that CT school. Today was not a day to post about guns. I apologize for that. My heart goes out to all the families and teachers suffering after the tragic shooting. In the coming weeks we will learn more about this individual, and why he chose to harm so many. I can only say violence has become such a common place in our society. Whether that it because of guns, or violent games, or just the daily destruction of families as so many crumble under the pressure of a flailing economy, I do not have the answer. This shooting just raises more questions, just as the last ones did. However, none seem to ever really drive the change that needs to occur. Our mental health system is flawed, seriously. But that is an argument for another day. today there is only the staggering reality of so many young lives lost.


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