I can’t get much of a handle on my mood in the midst of this flu. Between the teeth chattering chills, soaking wet sheets, headaches, nausea and the coughing I’m not even sure where my head is at. I’ve spent the majority of the day in bed either sleeping or shivering. My sense is that I am in a better state then a few days ago, least I’m more connected (even if via a virus). Last thing I wanted for Christmas was the flu, but guess that is what I’ve got. If there is any benefit I’ve started losing the weight the increased seroquel gave me. There is a bright side to everything I guess. I just hope my partner doesn’t catch this. I’ve taken to wiping down everything with clorox wipes. I haven’t left the farm since the session with Beatrice, so hopefully I haven’t shared this with too many.
I’m glad my mood seems to have steadied. The deep disconnect abated. I wonder if some of it wasn’t from the exhaustion I was feeling in the couple days before these symptoms started. I remember sitting in my recliner just wiped out and wondering why I was so tired. I didn’t even want to get up to go to the bathroom. It was just too much effort. I think that may have been playing into how disconnected I felt. I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow, that will be day 5 of this. Off to grab another shot of cold medicine.


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