It is two days before Christmas the last thing I want is an IRS letter. Yet there it was waiting in the mailbox. I was truly tempted to leave it unopened. I just didn’t want to know, but part of me figured it might as well get dealt with. Especially because this letter was in the rescue’s name. apparently the 990 form was not completed either on time/ or was missing part A. The IRS then claims a penalty of $20 a day. Note they don’t fucking let you know until months have passed, how that is remotely fair is beyond me. In other words we now owe the IRS $4500 for this incomplete 990. For fuck’s sake. I am actually happy I’m this sick because I think I might implode otherwise. I’m so fucking sick and tired of our god damn book-keeper (friend) and her screw ups. She is a fucking drunk. This wasn’t a problem until more recently, but clearly she fucked up when this filing was done. We are the ones that got burned, not her. She can go back and wallow in that bottle of tequila. I have no use for this crap anymore. She is no longer on the board, and no longer does any book work, but we now have to fix this mess. I can tell you we sure as fuck don’t have $4500 to give the IRS. We need to quickly find a way to respond to this since we have a very short time table to respond to them. This is the last thing I needed. I’m too fucking exhausted. going back to bed. Fuck her and the IRS.


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