Just what I needed tonight, a phone call with more bad news. Not really sure why but there seems to be a bit of trash talk going on behind the scenes. Not trash talk per se, just reality. In this tiny world of rescue, those that look like friends are really enemies. They seem quite harmless, but truly await kicking you when you are down. From what I know right now some very inside information about our farm, our business and our problems have been made very public. Seems this cruelty complaint case I worked the past week involves a lot of people pulling strings behind the scenes. I was used, clearly. But beyond that we are now getting some serious play in the gossip circles. It is just disgusting, all of it. Why is it that people find such joy in sensing some blood in the water. I don’t think guns are what is wrong in this world, people are what is wrong with this world. This senseless part of human nature, the innate ability for cruelty. I never wanted to be the one on everyone’s lips, or the butt of every joke. We don’t deserve this treatment. I have a very good sense of where this started, and she should be happy this isn’t a couple weeks back. Fucking piece of shit cunt. I can only have faith that what goes around does truly come back around. She has it coming, and she sure can’t out run the amount of karmic shitstorms she has caused. I’m too fucking sick to be pissed anymore. I don’t have the energy. Maybe tomorrow.


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