Flu Again?

Seems my unwelcome friend from a few weeks ago is trying to make a comeback. I really thought I was over it. Guess I just pushed a bit too fast to get back to running and the stress isn’t helping. I’m just hoping I can fight it off again before it gets going.
I have been struggling with maintaining my mood, but that is probably to be expected given the circumstances. A bit less panic today. I didn’t get to the park for my long run and was thinking it would affect my mood. I had taken a couple of days off after my midweek run due to some nagging foot issues. I really wanted to run more, but I have a feeling I am working on an injury if I don’t back off. This has left me frustrated. So, here I am stressed and anxious with no outlet. I’ll try for a run tomorrow. Even if it is just a short one. I think my sanity is really depending on it. I am just taking it day by day. Hell some times it is moment by moment. I know how important it is to just hold on. There is a tremendous amount going on right now. It is not a time to slide. I have to hold fast to my schedule and keep going. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, none of us do. I know I can’t think too hard about it. Life can only be in the moment, nothing more. Beyond that is unthinkable right now.


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