NYS gun laws II

In the hysteria today from all my gun loving NY friends I have had some time to think a bit more about it. I think there are some issues that they have not thought about. If others are like me, they would probably not tell their therapist if they felt they might lose their gun. The NYS law will push a lot of people to hold their tongue. Some might avoid treatment altogether. That leaves gun owners afraid of losing their weapon without help. Will that stop the gun violence? No, I think it may well have the opposite effect. It is almost too terrible to consider. I know if I was facing losing my assault rifle by saying anything, I would probably have said nothing. It was hard enough to give her up myself. I could not imagine having the police beat on my door and demand I turn over my weapon. It is all a moot point for me now since I no longer have an assault rifle. It is rough to think about. I don’t think NY is going about this the right way. In the race to be the first since Newtown they are not seeing the forest through the trees. I do not think they put enough thought and research into this bill they passed. I find myself restless and angry about the loss of rights. I still think about my loss, and how little it is understood by those around me. Watching these laws come into play I realize I will never again have an AR, even if I might want one. I promised Virgil and Beatrice I would not have a gun, and I plan to keep that promise. I never said it would be easy. On a day like today it is tough.


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