one last hurrah

so I finally decide to stop my stubborn assault on my foot. Tomorrow at the crack of dawn I go see the doctor. Chances are pretty good that I’ll have no running for 2 months. But to look on the bright side it will be Spring in 60 days 🙂 I think I can manage that. Might be a bit rough initially, but I can do it. I went for one more brief run at the gym on those heavenly new treadmills. I swear they are amazing. Though my foot is not in agreement this evening. Ice has become my very best friend.
I actually feel like I am in a pretty solid place. Almost like my feet finally found the floor. A floor that hasn’t really been there these past months. It is the first time I have felt this way in a while. I didn’t want to trust it initially. I kept thinking it would shift hard again. seems to be holding. A new week stretches out in front of me and I actually feel good about it. I am not dreading this week. I’m not even dreading the coming weeks. For some reason I feel strong enough to put up a fight over this place. Strange shift, but a good one. Before I was looking for any reason to run. Literally. No, I think I need to stand still for a bit and give this a try. We may still lose this place, but I will know, in the end I did not run from the fight.

Strangely enough, I think this is exactly what needed to happen right now.


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