So in the absence of running all I have thought about is donuts. Seriously! So much so that tonight at 10:30 I was at DD for a bavarian cream. I don’t even like bavarian cream donuts until now. Go figure. The jelly donut was just a chaser, I keep telling myself.
I have eaten my way thru the house this evening. Sampling a bit of everything. It is as if I haven’t eaten in months. As my weekly mileage increased my weight had dropped, but then came back up again. I don’t know what the answer for that is, unless it is just muscle mass. I didn’t think my weight was too low though my period has all but stopped at this point. It’s here for a day and gone again, no semblance of a schedule. Strange for me since I was always to the day regular. Maybe this break will get it back on a normal schedule. Still the crazy donut cravings are a bit much. I’ll have to make an agreement with myself to keep them to a minimum. Bavarian cream? really!!1 no more DD at night and tomorrow I am going to the gym. I’ll find something to do with my gimpy foot.


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