oh! the shiny ones…the neon ones…

The visual struck me while talking about shoes. Yeah shoes. I have a thing for shoes. We haven’t had any money in a while so I just hoard my old ones, and keep an eye on ebay for those people who buy a shoe and hate it. Running shoes are a real love- hate for most people. A shoe one person loves and runs miles in happily, another will put on and hate within the first mile. Ebay is a great place to find them. So while busy looking at shoes and talking to my TM buddy, I imagined walking into Fleet Feet and staring at nothing but running shoes in every color, shape and style. I honestly think I might need to be sedated. I’m not sure how long they let you pet the displays, or if they would become alarmed if I sat on the floor staring at the brightest neon yellow ones I could find. Doubt they train the running store employees in psychological interventions. Would it be odd if I needed a phone session, right then and there?
I can’t possibly be the only person out here in the world that has this bizarre fascination with shiny neon shoes? oh, the possibilities!


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