Oh, Sister where art thou

It was an innocent enough question. We were all thinking of what will happen in the coming months with my father. My partner asked what her last name was. I had no idea. I really couldn’t remember. But google is a wonderous thing. and that is how we found my sister. The sister I have met once in my lifetime (least only once comes to mind). In the blink of an eye I was looking at a picture of her. It was surreal. I didn’t know what to think. She is an artist and runs a high end event planning service in NYC. I wonder what she’d make of her redneck sister who lives on a farm and hasn’t put on makeup in years. The one that goes to the grocery store in a carhartt coverall. I’ve even worn camo to Scarsdale. hehe. Interesting we started our lives the same way. Privledged and well off. Artistic by nature. I can only wonder how else we are similar, or not. The picture tells me nothing. Nothing beyond she is attractive and has probably had some work done to make her even more so. She looks more like her mother, than our father. I don’t have any plans to reach out to her, not now. Though my partner thinks I should. There is no need to add anyone to my life. I doubt she would be much interested. Though I have no idea whether my father has had any contact with her over the years. For all I know he has. None of us know what he has done.

For now it is interesting to have found her, and I do love that she is an artist.


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