Race? No race?

Well I have to say I’m a bit indecisive about running the upcoming half marathon. Think I’m lacking confidence with some nagging aches and pains. I can just push and run on the 10th, or I can back off and look to something closer to the spring. I just can’t decide what to do. Was feeling pretty good today until about mile 4 of a quicker tempo run. It was the first shin pain I’ve had. This is pretty remarkable since shin splints were the bane of my existence thru high school. I always had shin pain. Didn’t matter if I was sprinting or if I was playing soccer. So it has been really kind of amazing as I have run month in and month out to not have come up against this sooner. I have had a lot of tightness in that calf, so I think it is all related. I am just frustrated at this point. Everyone I know that runs has injuries, normally little nagging ones. It seems to be par for the course (no pun intended). My right foot has been better since the short layoff. The metatarsal bruise is pretty much gone, though there is still soreness in that foot after runs. All of this adds up. It is just wear and tear. I’m not 20 anymore. Though I like to try to convince myself I am. I could fly once.

I’m still undecided. Thinking I’ll taper and decide right before the race. The taper will help. Any inflammation will calm down. Ice can be my best friend for a week. I can throw in a couple short runs and not commit to anything for now. It really isn’t the end of the world if I don’t race. It was just nice to look forward to something, and have a goal for all the months of training. It would make all those long weekend runs worthwhile. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. Those runs kept me sane, and really grounded me when the stress was immense. I don’t need a race to tell me running is important. It is okay to be indecisive, and even more, it is okay to take some time off. Who knows, maybe I’m not a distance runner. Least that is what my body is putting up a strong argument for.


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