oh yes


not sure why I found this so damn funny, but maybe because there is some truth to it!

It was a good day. Two sessions, a trail run and finally winding down. That may be the clonopin, not the length of the day or everywhere I have been. I’m hoping to settle in and get some sleep tonight. Seeing Virgil reeled me in a bit. I was distracted and disconnected with Beatrice, and also early in the session with Virgil. I wasn’t sure where I was at. There were not any particular thoughts going thru my head. Nothing causing the distraction specifically, so it was hard to put a finger on it. Focusing was near impossible. I left Beatrice figuring it would be a crappy session in the afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised. Not that is was ground shaking, or earth shattering. But it was simply, exactly what I needed. To be lost out there, and disconnected doesn’t do much good for me in the long run. As she does so often, Virgil just did what I needed in that moment. I returned home, far different from when I left. Regardless of whether it sticks or not, it helped. I returned to the trails on a tired set of legs. Lost in the beauty of the late afternoon sun casting shimmering golden splashes along my path. It was just me, the steady ruckus of the wind in the trees, and the sun. I reconnected with myself physically, and it completed my day. I had returned to my head, and my body. Now to sleep, and to stay tethered as these next couple important weeks face me.


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