My partner and I are having a rather vigorous disagreement about torture. While I have very liberal views about the death penalty, I tend to be more conservative in my views about torture. This kid needs to be interrogated, and if that needs to be tortured, than so be it. We have no idea if these two worked alone, or if they are part of a larger plan. Forget the whole Muslim angle. I don’t jump on that bandwagon. Though I do wonder what the brother was doing in Russia. Did he go through Kazakstan to Afghanistan? It is all so strange. Why do young intelligent men become terrorists? I don’t get the allure of it. But then again I don’t have anyone recruiting me to blow people up. I don’t hate my country enough. I’m not disillusioned to that degree. Sure I don’t like much of what happens, but I am free to have my views. I am free to vote, and be with whom I wish to be. It makes no sense to me this agenda to kill Americans. I’ll be back to edit this when the coverage dies down a bit tonight.


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