Unsettled and out of whack

I am regretting the last minute change in decision to alter our Baltimore plan. It is easy to say sleep is just sleep. Not for me. I know better than to throw an all night adventure into the mix and I am still finding my footing here at home on the heels of that trip. so, here I am beyond exhausted and sleep doesn’t much feel like descending. My schedule is way off. Rather than sleeping I’m staring at a computer screen and trying to wind down.

I am glad we went down for the service. I was able to say goodbye and that is so very important. Poppy was a very special man. Not for running a fortune 500 company, or for being a successful attorney. He was special because he was a constant. Steady and kind without ever wavering. He had been in my life since well before high school. He stood up for me when my family did not. He fought for some accountability with the trust, though in the end his concerns were not enough to head off disaster. He showed me what true responsibility and commitment looked like before I even knew what I was seeing. I loved him deeply and my heart aches thinking of him now. Godspeed Poppy.


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