Interesting article. I watched the interview, and I was so struck by the chill. I looked at my partner and said, “jeez I think she’s a sociopath”. It was something so off about her. Like she was playing at what she thought we wanted to see. Not doing a bad job off it, though my intuition was ringing alarm bells in my head. Interesting, a therapist once told me her greatest fear was having a psychopath walk through her door. Kind of stuck there in my head. I wouldn’t want to be alone with Amanda Knox. She may act the victim, but there is a dullness in her eyes, and a disconnect there. There were come very valid points made in the article. I don’t however think it was Knox’s promiscuous behavior or vibrator that landed her in an Italian prison. The brutal murder of her housemate did that. She will go back on trial, and will most likely be convicted again. I might be wrong. I may be reading her very incorrectly, though I tend to be pretty good at picking out pathology…

Breaking Bad

taking a brief break…be back in a few days. Need some time to regroup, relax and get myself settled again. The loss of the horse, the work in therapy, the stress of prepping for taxes, and the late stage in the race training cycle is combining to leave me adrift, anxious and disconnected. It was good to connect with Virgil, and I agree a breather might be what I need right now.