Shifting tide

There was a very distinct shift today. The kind you feel in your bones, or for me the kind I more often than not sense coming. Like a deer catching a scent on a breeze. I didn’t sense this one coming. so here I sit somewhat adrift and wondering why. Though I truly know better than to think there needs to be a reason. I scan the inventory looking for changes, to anything from diet, exercise, to amount of sleep. I track all of it carefully in my head, always watching for a trend developing. I scanned and searched, turned over every rock, but am left with just one change. The only item that is different is the folic acid supplementation that I was doing for the month until I repeated the blood work. I cannot imagine that 1mg of folic acid a day is enough to shift my mood so completely and utterly. I’m willing to wait it out, and just see if it is a one day thing. My gut, which by this point is well worn from many a day like today, feels it isn’t a one off kind of deal. I’ve been wrong before, so I’ll sleep on it and hope tomorrow shifts back to my happy content way of these past weeks.


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