ok so seriously it is freakin hot. This

ok so seriously it is freakin hot. This past week has been the second week of a new training cycle and I am hating ever minute of it. Clearly I’m a winter runner. The colder the better. This weather is just awful. Since I’m not a morning person I have been running at dusk. Temp last night at 10 was in the mid 80s. so much for cooling off. I’m thinking to hell with the running for a bit. I did an easy 4 miles midweek and lost 4lbs. That is more than 3% dehydrated, and I was drinking water. They say some runners do better slightly dehydrated, um. no. Least not me. Needless to say it is 17 weeks out from the marathon up here. either I have to commit and get the mileage, or I have to change course. The thought of logging all those miles in the gym doesn’t sound all that appealing. thinking I need to borrow a bike and cross train a bit. That’ll give my legs a rest from the asphalt pounding, and maybe won’t be quite a nasty since I’ll be moving a bit faster.

Well enough about running, or not. the mood has leveled out and though it isn’t nearly as good as it was, it isn’t worse. I’ll take that. It is hard not to be crabby and nasty when you are so damn hot and sweaty. Least the mood didn’t tank. Back to the fence fixing and painting. The never ending project.


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