Bricks and ONB

Wet soggy day up here, perfect for the second brick this week. I can honesty say the term brick is just ideal since the legs do actually feel like bricks by the time you get off the bike. I shortened out the bike today since it was a hilly route. Took me a good 3 miles before I finally started to feel my normal run stride. On a huge up note, no achilles pain! yay!! It is so awesome. Not sure if it was the drastic cut back in the running over the past month, or the bike helped. I have no idea. I am just so happy. Don’t think I can catch up to my training plan and still make the oct marathon. I do not think I can get back up in the mileage soon enough. Guess the next couple weeks will tell.

On a totally different path, Netflicks Orange is the New Black is really good. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but the writing is great. Really funny and different. Different in a Weeds sort of way. Complete with all the sort of Weeds humor. Sex, drugs and the usual relationship dramas. Since it is women’s prison there is plenty of lesbian sex. It is a good show, worth a look.


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