Best of 2013

some of my favorite finds of 2013.

a look at pure emotion without any defenses. Truly remarkable. Whether it is joy, or sadness or whatever else this child is feeling. Can’t help but be deeply moved by this.

On the other end of the spectrum, just to scare the crap out of people. I think I might have to change my pants after an encounter in an elevator like this one. It is in Brazil. Think the liability issues here in the US might put a damper on repeating it here.

In the world of sports. Auburn’s win in the final seconds of the Iron Bowl…what??? The best college football play I have ever seen, maybe the best of all time.

My favorites this year, obviously dependent on mood.

TV Shows/ Movies

Well, not sure how to pick since there were some great ones this year. In particular order.

The Americans- Great cold war era. Spies. Need I say more.
House Of Cards- Interesting and twisted display of power and what it does to people.
Breaking Bad- Absolutely loved it from start to finish.
American Horror Story: Coven. Just as twisted and dark as the previous seasons. Love Jessica Lang.
Orange is the New Black: Piper- Couldn’t decide if I loved her or hated her, but Alex sure had my attention.
The Following- brutally violent, to the point I often wonder how many people they’d kill each episode. but still a good show.

Haven’t really watched many movies this year.

Prisoners, a strange and disturbing psychological thriller with an excellent cast.
Life of Pi. Exquisite visually and moving. Some of the most incredible CGI I’ve ever seen.

Well that is my quick wrap up of my favs in 2013. I know, not a deep moving post about life and love. Just not in the right head space for that type of post tonight. I just am not up to it. Maybe tomorrow. Goodbye 2013. We start anew. Clean slate and a brand new year. Here’s to 2014. I guess I should be happy I’m here to see another year. Happy I have seemingly stumbled out of this most recent depression. I am. Thankful to see a new year. Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy 2014.


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