3:45…well the minutes click by and I’m still staring at the ceiling. I gave up and got out of bed. My FB group has an ongoing plank challenge so I figured what the fuck. So I stretched out on my floor and beat myself up with some planks. Remarkable that when I started last month 30 seconds was a stretch. I’ve now made it to just over 4 minutes!!! Yay 🙂 and yes I am a quivering mess at the end but that means my body is working and adapting. I added a straight arm side plank. Bitch! Good effort there. But alas still no sleep. I’ve entered into that no mans land when I really can’t take more meds or I won’t function at all tomorrow. Even the second doses I took at 2 will really fuck up my morning , ugh. Hopefully this won’t shift my mood in an adverse direction. Seems to take so little these days.


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