Shins & Nipples

On an entirely different note I came off my long run friday with a couple sore body parts. I have a nice deep bone ache in my shins thanks to all that pavement. I made the error in shoe choice when I headed out the door. I usually rotate between a couple different pairs since I am not real thrilled with any of them. Needless to say I had on a pair of minimalist type sneakers and yes, I paid for it. I didn’t plan to run that far. I was actually leaving the long run to the weekend but started off so well I just settled in and kept going. I hit my usual turnaround and continued. Ended up running an out and back route I had not done before. If I had run the usual loop it would have come in 3 miles less. Instead it ended up at 14. I actually came off the run feeling great aside from some foot soreness. that is pretty normal after a long road run since they do sting. What I was not counting on was the nipple issue. Yep, I know. pretty damn funny. I have long known about “runner’s nipple” but was somehow spared. Not anymore. Like socks and shoes I rotate through different sports bras. Clearly I picked the wrong one. Ouch. I caught my partner’s sideways glance as I walked around the house holding my breasts. She is well accustom to my post run issues. A sore foot here, a tight calf there. Little odds and ends. The ice packs, ice baths and compression socks. This however was a new one. I stood staring at the open refrigerator muttering about my poor nipples and she is busy laughing. Well it is pretty funny. I guess I will be investing in some body glide and putting on band aids before my next long run. If only I could remember what bra was at fault. Lesson learned. now on to a new week in training and hopefully a less eventful one! Hopefully the nipples and shins will feel better tomorrow.


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