Lady Luck

Not sure if it was g*d, lady luck, the stars something was smiling down on me today. It was my usual midweek run. Out the driveway, turn right and run exactly one mile before going any number of different routes. I was just getting warmed up and settling into my stride. I was thinking about my damn achilles and if I wanted to just cut the run short or if I should run the 5 or 6 miles I planned. In the background my play list was shuffling at a low volume. Our road is broad and traffic tends to really move. It is a straight stretch of road for 4 miles till the next town. I was looking out into the sunny sky and thinking about life. I wasn’t 100% paying attention. In a split second my brain registered the threat. Before I could even blink I shrieked like a girl and jumped straight up into the air. I don’t mean a little. I was probably 2ft off the ground as the truck’s driver side mirror flew by inches away. Because I was running toward traffic I was not expecting a vehicle to come up behind me and that close. The truck had pulled out to try to pass two cars on a short stretch. Clearly when he floored it the truck pulled left and I’m guessing he didn’t care or possible didn’t even notice I was there. By the time my feet hit the ground he was well passed me. I am not even sure what you might call my next couple strides. Pronking? cantering? leg in every direction gait. Along with a number of curse words. Probably looked quite comical to anyone driving by. I paused shaking like a leaf thinking about just how close that came to disaster. God it was awful. I continued my run trying to settle my nerves and the adrenaline. It took more than two miles, just shy of 19 minutes for me to start feeling remotely calm. Honestly I don’t even think I am calm now. I often joke that I have no idea how long life will last and I might get hit by a bus tomorrow. Today it was a hair’s breadth away. I doubt being hit by a truck going 70 mph would have been survivable. So fucking scary. I was just running and looking at the blue sky thinking about life. It could have been the last thing I saw. I cannot even comprehend that. I am so fucking lucky.


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