day 14 of the Runner’s World Streaking Challenge. I’ve put in 42 miles thus far. I have never run everyday so this is a true challenge for me. From Memorial Day to Labor Day least one mile every day of running to complete this challenge. Least it is getting me out the door when I’d rather not and has allowed me to cut back on my normal long runs since I can now spread it out over the 7 days. Seem to slowly but surely getting my mojo back. ran the park and made it all the way up a trail I don’t usually get up. It really boosted my confidence!
Life continues with depakote. I log everything I eat and drink now. I know exactly how many calories/ carbs and protein. I’m neurotic to a fault. Guess it is the only way to work through all this. I hate it but I think I have stopped the gain. trying to. limiting calories and carbs. dieting. the joy. I don’t know yet if my body will adapt.

and yes life continues with less contact with Virgil. It is different. probably best in the long run though I find myself thinking about old patterns. It’s not like I have anyone else to check in with.


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