Where’s Douglas….

It had been a long time since I checked in on Douglas’ whereabouts. The last couple times the sex offender registry had him somewhere in Florida. I wasn’t worried, just happy he wasn’t in New York. I never thought he’d come after me again, or that he would somehow exact his revenge. It wasn’t like he really got punished hard anyhow. Not according to how I saw it. But that is the thing about sexual assault and the law. They aren’t going to go away for life. Needless to say, I liked to keep tabs on him. It gave me some sense of control, over what I don’t know, but it does. So you can imagine my surprise when he came up on my radar. This time in a news article from Martha’s Vineyard. I remembered that is where his family was from. Well looks like Dougie got himself in trouble again. This time he was sent to Walpole to serve 10yrs for rape, battery and assault. He will serve an additional 10 years probation. The system finally saw him for what he was, and his capacity to just keep on offending. Back when he was on trial for assaulting me, the picture was muddied by a decent defense. Sure, he had done other deviant things before, but he’d be fine if they got him help. The defense was also smart enough to ask for a bench trial. But what truly saved his ass that time was the ability of the defense to cast doubt on my reliability as a witness. The pysch history and the meds played well for them. There will come a point where I will blog about it, but for now, I’m just happy to see him behind bars where he belongs.


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