Def hard not to bounce hard off a race. I’ve been fighting the urge to resume running, instead riding the polo horses. I’m still considering a Fall marathon, but think I’d be woefully under trained. Just feeling the after effects of racing the half this past weekend I need to really respect that distance. While I know I could probably do it it would be a brutal beating on my body. I continue to hem and haw about it. The training plan I was on is now completely out of whack after running these two different races. I’d need to jump back in with a long, long run this weekend to catch back up. Somewhere in the realm of 18 miles. Doable. Though probably misery inducing. More thinking and considering is in the near future. For the meantime it is all about recovery. ie. naps, putting my feet up when I can and trying not to get sick. Airborne is my new best friend…not kidding!

On the home front I finally saw my mother. She seems to have calmed down and is already deciding what we should do for my birthday. go figure. I’m just happy to have her back around. I have been so troubled by what is going on in FL. I talked to my dad briefly the other evening. That makes it once since his birthday. I am so frustrated and sad, yet there is nothing I can do to change this situation.
Off for some more recovery sleep. Tomorrow is another barn day, second in a week our help is absent. Just thinking of lugging those wheelbarrows back and forth is tiring…


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